To the Editor:

Without doubt the killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. As a man who suffered the loss of a child, my heart genuinely goes out to Trayvon’s parents. I know that no pain cuts deeper than the pain that comes with the loss of a child. But Trayvon having been shot and killed doesn’t equate to a crime if he was shot in self-defense.

We are a nation of laws and justice depends on the law always being applied in criminal cases. In the case of George Zimmerman, the law was applied. In fact, it was carefully applied and the evidence overwhelmingly supported George Zimmerman’s explanation of events. Based on the evidence, not emotion, George Zimmerman was and should have been acquitted because the evidence supported his having acted in self-defense. That is precisely what a jury of his peers decided.

I remind people that thousands of 17-year-olds were and some still are trained combat soldiers. They are NOT kids. They are strong young men. Many 17-year-olds have been convicted of horrific violent crimes and they were tried as adults. Trayvon was a large (over 6 feet tall) young man who, according to the evidence, attacked George Zimmerman who, after having his head bashed in to the cement, in an act of “self-defense” shot and killed his violent assailant. Had Zimmerman not been armed his assailant could have killed him.

As a senior citizen with severe COPD, I no longer have the physical ability to engage in a prolonged physical fight. I would suffocate from lack of oxygen. Hence, I have a CCL and I am well armed. There are a lot of violent offenders out there. I worry about the safety of my wife and myself. I’m not armed because I want to be armed. I’m armed because I think I need to be armed to be safe — just in case.

I hope and pray I am never put in a position where I am forced to shoot or kill another human being. But if I am ever in a life-threatening position, I pray that I am armed and that I have the strength and courage to pull the trigger. It is under such dire circumstances that we have CCLs, Second Amendment rights, guns and the legal right to defend ourselves.

Given the same set of circumstances, who among you would not shoot and kill to save your own life or the life of your loved ones?

Ed Coet


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Dr Strangelove

Media showed 12 year old photos of Martin. At autopsy Martin was 155 pounds 5’11” not the small child the liberal media showed us—he was not a small child he was portrayed to be. His father didn’t contact the police who left a card at his residence until 70 hours later—thinking the police were looking for his thug son.

Thank God we still have justice in America: events took place as George Zimmerman described them, granted Zimmerman should have never gotten out of his car—so stop crying about spilled milk it’s beyond that now. Zimmerman was struck by Trayvon Martin, pinned to the ground, and beaten savagely by him (to the extent of having his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk; Zimmerman was unable to retreat, hence the "stand your ground" law is not relevant. Zimmerman was not charged initially because the physical evidence was consonant with his story, and was not contradicted by the testimony of witnesses. He was prosecuted because of political pressure brought on the Whitehouse, State of Florida, race baiters like Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and by community organizers—this trial should have never happened! I’m sick and tired of hearing this thug was a child when I was his age I was shooting machineguns, M16’s, throwing hand grenades—being trained to kill the enemy by the United States Army. I would never turn around and attack someone like he did to Zimmerman. There are no winners here, Martian is dead, Zimmerman is marked for life.


Anyone would engage in self-defense or to save their loved ones. But only nut jobs would leave the safety of their personal vehicle on a dark, rainy night in the name of protecting the neighborhood to go after some person. Calling it in was the right thing to do. George should've trucked on & let professionals handle the job. These Zimmerman types that go around hotdogging bring CCL holders a bad name. What's odd is that this joker wanted to uphold the law in the name of protecting his neighborhood when in reality he couldn't follow the homeowners association simple rules which stated that he should not pursue anyone as the watchman. His duty was to report it. Not chase T. down. Period!


typical liberal nutjob response.


Again Smithjr38 is at it. Not as bad as last week, but still not to the standards outlined by KDH.

Mamma Griz

"Facts supported acquittal"? My question will always be WHOSE FACTS? The facts according to George Zimmerman? We'll never know Trayvon's side of the story. Isn't that convenient!

The TWO SMALL ABRASIONS on the back of Zimmerman's head DO NOT support his story of having his head bashed against the concrete a number of times. Concrete causes damage to a head.

George was taking prescription drugs-- mind-altering drugs. Yet he wasn't tested. Why? His father is a retired judge. I heard his mother is a court reporter. It pays to be of that type of parentage.

George Zimmerman knew what a neighborhood watch person was supposed to do. Why didn't he do what he had been taught to do?

Why didn't George go to the ER immediately if his wounds were as serious as he said? No, he goes to their family doctor the next day-- for a note from the doctor saying that he was able to go to work.

Thank goodness he doesn't live in my neighborhood. I wouldn't have a moment's of peace if he did-- I'd be afraid that he'd shoot to kill if I looked at him cross-eyed.


Professional examination by 2 professionals indicated that the injuries on the back of Mr. Zimmerman's head were consistent with contact with the sidewalk. So what if Mr. Zimmerman was taking prescription drugs; so do I. His assailant was on dope at the time, as he was tested. Mr. Zimmerman's parentage certainly did not prevent him from being dragged into court to face an illegal murder trial, demanded by a racist lynch mob. Mr. Zimmerman did exactly what he was trained to do-he called the police and reported a suspicious person. There is no requirement to seek immediate medical treatment at any time; your argument here is just silly. I don't think you have any need to fear Mr. Zimmerman-all you have to fear is your paranoid fantasies.

Mamma Griz

Two SMALL abrasions? I have fallen and gotten hurt worse than that! George Zimmerman wasn't tested for drugs-- I wonder if he had been they would have found that he wasn't clean. No, he didn't need to seek immediate medical treatment-- for two small abrasions. I don't fear my paranoid fantasies-- that I don't have. I fear nuts like George Zimmerman and you.


You're not a doctor, nor do you play one on TV. Actual doctors certified that Mr. Zimmerman was injured, and an actual doctor testified that the injuries on the back of Mr. Zimmerman's head were consistent with making contact with concrete and were consistent with his account of the events. The fact that these facts are not palatable to you and make you look stupid is too bad for you. He was treated at the scene, I believe, and then went to his doctor. I fear your paranoid fantasies, as it's nutjobs like you that send innocent men to prison to make you feel better about being a liberal whackjob. Your abusive posting was returned and reported. You need professional medical psychiatric attention. Get it today.

Mamma Griz

No, I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV. I have worked as a clinic nurse-- and I have helped the doctor tend to head wounds. It was plain that George Zimmerman had been injured-- even I could see that. And they were caused by contact with concrete, but certainly not what he said happened.

Yes, he went to his family doctor the next day-- for a note saying he was alive and could go to work (playing games, I bet). His account of the events? How one sided his account was!

I don't need any psychiatric attention. MY brains are between my two ears and NOT between my two legs where your seem to be.

I'm not the nut job that you are


You're not a doctor, don't play one on TV, nor have you physically examined Mr. Zimmerman, you weren't there that night, and nothing you have written contradicts the official testimony of the forensic pathologist. The law did not support the actions taken by the state-the trial itself was illegal and in violation of Florida law.

That you don't like these facts is just too bad.

You obviously do have some sort of mental defect requiring medical attention-you're a whacko who simply doesn't like facts and you reject reality as the entire planet sees it. So if you don't like living here, you are free to leave, nutcake.

Dr Strangelove

She’s an Obama supporter and gun control wacko of course she some mental defects.


The question not being asked by Obama and the media . IS just why did Martin attack Zimmerman. ? Was Martin high on drugs? or did that fool girlfriend of his edge him on to attack the Honky Cracker? .and in fact if Martin was innocent then why did he not act innocent?

The intelligence blacks maybe asking the same question and just how doe a white Mexican turn into a White man? A lot of illegal Mexicans would like to know that secret so they could blend into the population un noticed.

we in Central Texas are blessed with independent thinking blacks , who can think for them selves ( but keep their thoughts secret so as not to attract the Fool Blacks like Sheila Jackson of Houston who can not think for her self and must let Obama and Al Sarpton think for her,which means she can not think period.)

Mamma Griz

Smithjr38:: You commented "in fact if Martin was innocent then why did he not act innocent". How does a dead man act innocent? I guess that is something new-- I have never known any dead man to act innocent or guilty. Sometimes I wonder reading posts in here just who can think for themselves. I have lived a long and good life-- and when I was young I learned to think for myself and it has been with me ever since.

One thing, I know enough to back off when I am told to by a superior of mine.

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