To the Editor:

As a military retiree, several recent events in the Killeen / Fort Hood area have been extremely troubling to me.

Most troubling is the total lack of support for the Fort Hood leadership from the mayors of Killeen and the other towns near Fort Hood. I am going to address this to the Killeen mayor, but the comments apply to all civilian leadership in the Fort Hood area.

Mr. Mayor, I think you have done a great job as our mayor, but on this issue you have fallen way short.

I do not understand why you have not spoken out on this issue. It looks like you are “cowing” down to the outside organization’s clueless proposals dealing with Fort Hood.

You were elected by the people of Killeen and they should be your first concern.

You comment about “the museum being a win” is good, but that is an easy decision. The real test is are you and the other mayors willing to “walk the talk” and support the Fort Hood leadership?

I am asking the newspaper and TV stations to provide input on who is supporting Fort Hood and who is not. I also asked the city council in Killeen and the cities around Fort Hood to approve a resolution supporting Fort Hood’s leadership and condemning the actions this outside organization’s dealing with Fort Hood.

In talking with people outside of Killeen, they say the only info they get is from the clueless outside organization.

The only people who have stood up for Fort Hood are David Bryant in his Sarge’s Corner in the (Fort Hood Herald) newspaper and retired colonel and former Killeen Mayor Raul Villaronga. I recommend you current city leaders stand with them.

The death of a soldier is a terrible event. My heart goes out to the family. Most civilians do not have to go through what a lot of Army leaders do at the squad and platoon level, where you know all of your people well.

My platoon sergeant was killed by a North Vietnamese soldier in a little foxhole about 10 feet from a machine gun nest we just destroyed.

We had been together for seven months; 24/7. I killed the North Vietnamese soldier. The loss of my platoon sergeant affected me worse than the deaths of my parents.

Even though it has been over 50 years. 25 July has been and will be an extremely sad day every year for the rest of my life.

An outside organization came to Killeen with an agenda to use a soldier’s death to support their stupid proposal against Fort Hood. Their position is based on the death of one soldier; they want Fort Hood closed and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment disbanded. What a completely shameful proposal.

So thousands of people would be punished for something they had no involvement in.

The soldier was killed by one other soldier and one civilian. It is completely selfish to say all other Fort Hood soldiers should suffer.

Fort Hood has 100,000 people working, living and visiting. There is no way they can say there will not be another death.

I would ask them if next time someone dies in Houston, who is going to investigate them and close them down?

When a soldier disappears, it could be an accident or they have taken their own life.

In these cases there is not an effort to hide the body, so they can be found fairly quickly.

In most cases, if a soldier disappears, they have gone AWOL, in which they will try to hide, or someone has taken them or killed them. In this case, they will try to hide the person, or dead body.

The group’s lawyer is a “piece of work”. She kept asking for updates. There can be little in the way of updates except when the person or body is found.

She knows that while an investigation is going on, officials cannot discuss the investigation because you could hurt the case against any people found involved in the crime. She has said she is going to do her own investigation.

Investigate what? The murderer has been identified. This lawyer is using a soldier’s death to further the organization’s exposure to the public. She needs to stay in Houston.

Don Smith

retired lieutenant colonel


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