To the Editor:

Hello 2021!

I welcome you with rolled-up sleeve, bearing my arm to a coming vaccine, with calmed mind and spirit serene.

For into the future with hope I now lean, believing in better days sight unseen.

Won’t you join me, one and all? Together let’s answer the “100% population vaccination” call!

Keep washing hands and masking up with distance. Don’t let down your guard, no matter the resistance. We all long for contact, for business and school, to open again, but this is the rule:

Stay vigilant, stay home, don’t travel, be cool.

Love the ones you are with because the virus is still adrift. It’s morphing, becoming even more highly contagious. To let down now would be tragic, outrageous!

Hunker down and get your shot in due time. To throw caution to the wind be a crime.

Let’s all give 2021 a chance! Perhaps as soon as June, we’ll celebrate with a dance. Not with Zoom, or way across the room, but cheek to cheek and nose to nose and toes to toes!

Better days will return if we each do our part. Play it small, stay home, be generous, be smart.

I can’t wait to see you all on the other side of universal vaccination. To stare at your unmasked faces with joy and fascination. I’ll be giving out free smiles and free hugs, too.

But for now, hold fast, be strong and stay true.

Happy New Year from my heart to yours.

Irene Andrews


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