To the Editor:

I recently watched a pit bull and another dog that had been running loose on East Dogwood Street for about six weeks go around five girls who were walking up the street.

The girls stayed together and slowly went back down the street as the dogs continued to circle them.

The dogs eventually went back to their home.

A few minutes later I was in the street and they came out and forced me back into my yard.

I was able to overcome that situation.

Several minutes later I was sitting on my front porch on the phone telling my son about this and the dogs came into my yard and attempted to attack me. I was able to overcome this situation also.

What bothers me the most is that we have a nice city park down the street a short distance where many small children play.

If the city of Nolanville continues to allow dogs to run loose in this area, a child may be killed.

If you remember, they refused to put a fence around the drainage culvert on 10th Street until a child was killed.

I suspect it will be the same this time.

It seems these things cost money they would rather spend elsewhere.

Edward D Mitchell


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