To the Editor:

I’m just going to say it: 2021 has been a hard year.

At the beginning of a pandemic, you expect the unexpected. You work at being flexible, you deal with the unknown, and you sadly, but gladly, sacrifice seeing friends and family, to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

When the vaccines were approved and the made available here in early 2021, my wife, Joan, and I spent hours and days helping anyone and everyone who needed assistance in finding and scheduling their long-awaited opportunity to get the shots.

We really thought the efforts of many ordinary folks like ourselves, would help bring COVID to its knees. But most of 2020 left me feeling disappointment.

For too long, our local vaccination rate was less than 50%. Killeen ISD continued to refuse to adopt a universal mask policy, as it does to this day. And as the pandemic grinds on, the commitment to wear masks is dangerously waning.

This means, for those of us serious about staying safe, that our new normal is literally masked! We sometimes fondly remember the “BC” (Before COVID) days. But those days are gone, most likely, forever.

This year we personally lost people we knew to COVID-19 and the delta variant. All were unvaccinated. And every person I talk to, who has a colleague at work, or a neighbor or friend, whose family member has recently died, it’s the same tragic story. Hospitalized, then intubated, and soon after, taken off the ventilator, having succumbed to the ravages of the virus.

Give the most precious gift to yourself and those you love: LIFE! Please get vaccinated if you are able to do so. If not, faithfully wear a mask. And to all who are vaxed and boosted: thank you! Keep masking up and stay safe in 2022.

Irene Andrews

Texas Silver-Haired Legislator

Precinct Chair 111


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Maybe you and your "wife" should try Australia, Austria, or even Canada since you like having "control" over everyone else's life. Research what those governments are doing to their citizenry. As we speak the wonderful citizens in London are rising up against what their "leaders" are doing to them.


Well friends, we have almost made it through 2021 as Pure Bloods. While the other portion of society lines up for endless jabs. The IQ tests have been completed.


If you want to take my freedom make darn sure you are as passionate about taking it as I am about keeping it.




Mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations are irreparably damaging an entire generation of our children. They have no one else to rely on but us to save them from this tyranny. It is our duty to stop this insanity.


You can shove your vaccines and mask up your arse.

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