To the Editor:

In response to a recent letter from a Killeen resident, Oncor recognizes that many of our customers may have questions or concerns about our winter preparedness efforts.

We want assure the more than 10 million Texans we serve that winter preparedness is not just something Oncor personnel think about when the temperatures start dropping; it’s a priority we work on year-round.

As part of our winter prep efforts, thousands of inspections have been performed on Oncor infrastructure and equipment to ensure they’re ready for higher demand and lower temps.

Using forecasting and predictive analytics, we’re also able to identify potential high-load areas and upgrade or replace equipment before something goes wrong. We’ve increased material inventory and secured additional contract resources. And personnel have completed multiple emergency preparedness training sessions to ensure everyone is ready to quickly and safely respond to severe weather events.

Oncor is a transmission and distribution utility — a “poles and wires” company — that delivers electricity from generators to customers. We do not own, operate, or control power generation plants or facilities.

Last February’s power emergency was ultimately a lack of power being generated.

So while Oncor was prepared to deliver power, that supply of power was not available.

We did learn a lot about what more we can do as the power delivery company to improve communication with customers and communities during emergencies, and we’ve implemented some very important updates.

This includes working with our telecommunications providers to harden their systems serving our call centers, increasing the frequency of situational updates to customers and working with local leaders to better understand community needs during emergency events.

For more than 100 years, Oncor has helped power Texas.

We look forward to continuing that service for many years to come — during every winter, spring, summer and fall.

Karl K. Green

Oncor area manager

Morgan’s Point Resort

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