To the Editor:

I agree 100% with the Victor Hansen editorial on Dec. 25.


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Wayne Jefferson

Well we are failing our younger generation by not making them a better future. Teaching false narratives in our school does nothing to make our nation better or our future brighter. Indoctrination only helps the idiot leftists conquer our great nation using feelings to dictate our laws. Men are men and women are women from birth to death. Anyone who teaches this theme is not a teacher but a liar period.


Regardless of the overt, ludicrous, conservative opinion, high schools offer far more indoctrination to students than college starting with ROTC recruiting and brain washing. Students are younger and more impresionalble at this stage in their education while human sexuality is just being introduced. Any indoctrination is a result of outside interference like church groups and military influences.

Lets not use demagoguery and social morals for excuses to attack institutions most people don't have the opportunity to attend.

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