To the Editor:

I’m completely embarrassed and angry at Sen. Ted Cruz’s statements regarding President Trump’s impeachment trial.

First of all, he doesn’t seem to be a stupid man. He must know the Hunter Biden story is just a fake conspiracy theory. Look at the timeline. Shorkin, the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor, had closed the Burisma investigation before Biden put pressure on Ukraine to fire him. And, during that investigation, Hunter didn’t yet work there. The new prosecutor, hired as a result of Biden’s pressure, opened another investigation. Hunter worked there by then.

So, Biden’s actions actually led to an investigation. His actions didn’t stop an investigation to protect his son. And, that new investigation? It found nothing either.

Cruz needs to quit going on TV spreading Russian propaganda.

I have prayed that somehow God will convict him to follow the oath he took on Thursday. A secretive trial of an impeached president with no witnesses and no documents is so anti-American, it’s unfathomable.

Senator Cruz took an oath. He promised the God he claims to follow to be impartial. Unfortunately, I have little hope that he will.

Janice Holladay



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