To the Editor:

So, Gov. Abbott is asking for federal help for COVID testing and treatment but refuses to do anything in his power to protect Texans because he’s afraid of the political fallout?

And, Texas pediatric hospitalizations for COVID have tripled in the last two weeks? Texas has the highest rate of kids hospitalized for COVID?

Abbott’s crying for federal money but refuses to do anything himself?

And this after the state just spent millions to look for nonexistent voting problems just to make Donald Trump happy and to justify making it more difficult for Texans to vote?

What is wrong with the GOP? Y’all didn’t used to be this way. Now you refuse to do anything to help Texans, beg for federal help because of your failures, don’t care if children die or have long-term health issues, waste money for your political benefit, and take voting rights away.

Mr. Lincoln would like you to quit calling yourselves the “party of Lincoln,” and Eisenhower is rolling over in his grave.

Gotta admit, though. Killing off your own voters is a bizarre strategy for a party that only cares about staying in power.

Janice Holladay


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I don't know who needs to hear this but giving the government the authority to control your and others' personal health and medical choices will NOT stop you from getting an airborne upper respiratory virus. Get a freaking life and STOP trying to control everyone else's life with your BS opinions. Vaccines and masks DO NOT. WORK. The clot shots are killing and injuring people. Why would anyone want to take a shot from companies that have NO liability if you are injured by their product?

Killeen patriot

This opinion piece exemplifies the saying "better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt". Yes pediatric hospitalizations have increased, but they increase every year at this time. The children who are hospitalized often have a comorbidity, such as, asthma. We are by no means at a level for which we need to panic. Dallas children's has 70 COVID patients out of 496 beds. I work as a health care provider and we are seeing between 70 -80 COVID positive people per day at my facility. We send 99% of them home. Omicron is nothing like delta. I for one hope it rapid burns through the population so that we can get heard immunity and stop living in fear. COVID is here to stay. Just like we have a flu season every year, we will have COVID season every year. Stop cowering in a corner and accept it.


Ms. Holladay's comments reflect my own thoughts when Gov. Abbott requested additional funds for Covid testing. What is he trying to accomplish? How will testing help stem the tide of Covid on its own? Without adequate vaccination in the population and with most Texans maskless and ignoring the need to avoid large social gatherings, more testing will only demonstrate a surge in infections, most of which could have been prevented. It seems the opinion strain of Covid is pretty mild, but that is not necessarily true for children. The hospitalization of children with severe omicron infections has been increasing. The only way to get the pandemic under control is a focused effort based on medical science, without political maneuvering. Such an approach requires courage that very few political leaders, including our governor, possess.


Why don't you go check out New York, California and those other blue states that love tyranny. Hey I hear Washington is going to vote to put people in "quarantine camps" you should check them out since you like tyranny so much.

As for the "federal money" AKA TAXPAYER money that was stolen all these years from the producers so the leaches can complain about not having enough tyranny. Why is it that all the people from California, and New York are moving in masses to free states like Texas and Florida? Uhaul is running out of trucks because people who have had it with they tyranny of those states. Why is AOC and all of the other democrats going around maskless in those free states that they hate so much?

Do some dadgum research people.

Noe Rodriguez

Why not ask the federal government when we the people of Texas have been paying our share of taxes. And it is the Biden administration holding on to that aid, he is doing it to Florida too.




Nothing says I am a braindead sheep like this "opinion" piece. So this person doesn't do any research just repeats what she is told by her media and government overlords.

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