To the Editor:

A column headlined “Why is Left suddenly worried about the end of democracy?” by Victor Davis Hanson that was published in the Dec. 19 Daily Herald is packed with anti-Democratic Party rhetoric and theories, but the writer never mentions the real reason for the worry over our democracy: the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The Jan. 6 attack, riot, attempted coup, insurrection or whatever else you want to call it really happened, and it happened because former President Donald Trump didn’t accept the fact that he lost the 2020 election.

That’s what has some Americans worried. Our democracy doesn’t work if one candidate doesn’t accept the fact that he or she lost an election by millions of votes.

And Mr. Hanson knows that. He also knows the U.S. government should fully investigate the Jan. 6 attack like it did the 2012 Benghazi attacks. The government owes current and future Americans a thorough report on what happened and who was involved.

My question to Mr. Hanson is: Why is the Right not interested in learning the truth about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and not worried about the end of democracy?

Deb Moore

Harker Heights

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Wayne Jefferson

We should have a investigation over the origins of COVID and how fauchi megele designed this virus and how it was released into the world. Thousands have died. this is just a ploy to revert us from that truth.


Are you really going to believe everything the liberal, Trump hating media, as well as the Democratic party, is going to say about Donald Trump?..As far as the election goes, I cannot believe that an election with so many mail-in votes, the way it was handled, could be considered legitimate. With many people getting five or six mail-in votes to use, if they well as other voting irregularties,.. Biden getting more votes than any presidential candiidate in the history of our country(???),...and I am asked to believe everything about the election was legitimate?.....Trump is bashed every single day by the leftist the newspapers, with yahoo, in every kind of media. The left started bashing him immediately upon his election, and they haven't stopped..not even for one day.....Trump asked the demonstrators to act and march peacefully, ..I'm sure you saw him say that in his speech...yet, he is still being blamed for starting what happened.....He cannot win with left wing liberal individuals, the media, or the Democratic Party. He has been accused, belittled, and lied about constantly, but...if you want to believe what you believe, that's understandable for people of your persuasion. Keep reading and believing all the anti-Trump propaganda.


Deb, don't make the mistake of believing anything you see in the lame stream media, which includes KDH



Another mainstream propaganda junkie who believes everything she sees and doesn't do any REAL research about anything. Just following the demons in the communist democrat party.


@Deb - Deb, I must agree with you that the truth about what happened on January 6 needs to be found out. I will take your stance a little further. How about we find out the WHOLE truth about the "Insurrection? It is apparent, that from the many videos that have been released, there were a lot of "Made for TV" moments during this whole debacle. Officers holding doors for protesters to enter, officers beating civilians with batons while they were on the ground; officers removing themselves as barriers and standing against a wall out of the way of the shot that was subsequently fired by a capital police officer that killed an unarmed and non-threatening Ashley Babbot? Officers directing people where to go, media asking and persuading members of the protest to go into certain offices and sit in chairs for a photo op; Nancy Pelosi, after being asked by the Capitol police chief numerous times for the presence of National Guard troops, were denied every single time? Yes Deb, we need the truth - the WHOLE truth. We need the truth about verified members of Antifa and BLM leading charges in to the building, along with the reasonings for their walking free today. We need the truth about federal agents being mixed in the crowd trying to incite and persuade members of the protest to enter in to the capital building. We need to know how an insurrection and coup can occur when there are no weapons present. We need to know the truth about whether or not the true coup was the orchestration of this event as a means for propaganda and the subsequent overtaking of congress by parties I will leave unnamed. It has already been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the media and politicians attempted a soft coup when they tried to impeach President Trump over the Russia and Ukraine conspiracy. He had the full weight of congress, the FBI, the DOJ and other intelligence agencies wire tapping his campaign phone calls and actions. The FBI refused to follow protocol and warn him of their possible interest in a member of his team regarding Russia. FBI agents, purposefully and maliciously doctored the evidence of their report to gain authorization for spying on and investigating Trump. Adam Schiff promised he had evidence that would prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump colluded with Russia. Evidence NEVER appeared. There will be those who will try to criticize what I have said and so on. The truth is this, it is OK for some people to have their "conspiracy" theories, while it is not OK for others to have theirs. Our society is so close to a socialist one through willful an unrecognized discrimination of free speech; yet, so many people refuse to admit their dissent to it as long as it does not affect them directly.

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