To the Editor:

Ancient human beings attributed the marvelous things observable in life to unseen higher powers. They worshipped these powers because they had an innate desire to give honor to the palpable elegance of nature.

Some dug into the mysteries of the cosmos a little deeper and studied its actual workings. Their goal was to import the well-ordered kingdom of heaven to earth, and set up the best possible government and economy here. This group, called priests, tried to accomplish this by using animal sacrifices, prayer, and humane law.

As new knowledge reduced the expanse of the unknown to understandable arts and sciences, religion was whittled down to a private sector focus on hard work, romance, children, good health, neighborliness, love, forgiveness, and sacraments.

Turns out, ancient scripture still contains many sophisticated and scientific approaches to dealing with civic life, and its disinformation and violence, for those earnest enough to want answers.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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