To the Editor:

By and large in my interactions with the Killeen Police Department, things have been pretty cool. Actually, I’ve never been arrested by them, as opposed to my other interactions around the Lone Star State.

There was a time that I could get arrested for talking back. I’m not kidding. Once in Copperas Cove, Officer Barbie told me if I said one more word that I was going to jail, to which I bent over, got into her face, and said, “One more word!”

Bada Bing Bada Boom! I never guessed that she was that strong.

Meet a young man who just enrolled in the University of Whas-A-Matter-U! The first law you learn about cops is that you don’t interfere with anything they happen to be doing at the time. Traffic stop, handcuffing someone, or munching a donut!

John Q. Citizen in Killeen appointed himself to be the nightly news. Now, if he’d have just backed off and kept his mouth shut, he might have walked away with a sparsely viewed video, but NO! He employed the tried and proved measures to guarantee him a peanut butter sandwich in the morning.

Good Job, Citizen X!

Wilbur Witt


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Never trust an opinion of a man named Wilbur.


Wilbur and others, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT – Watch the video interaction to be better informed!

The GOOD CITIZEN was standing on the sidewalk and filming this incident in public view. It was the Public Servant OFFICER’s who decided to cross the line by violating the rights of adolescents in the car and arrested an American for following the U.S. Constitution through the use of free speech! You should be asking yourself how many other Killeen citizens were taken to jail at the will of police, especially when the Killeen Police Officers were the ones breaking the law?

In this case, the video evidence clearly shows that the KPD officers knew they were being filmed. They even acknowledged the person with no reaction. It was not until the video photographer pointed out that they were breaking the law… the GOOD CITIZEN was arrested and spent 12 hours in jail. Are you saying with your written words that all police officers should be not be held to a higher standard and act as it they are above the law, while doing whatever they want to dominate citizens of Killeen?


Let freedom ring! America the land of the free, until personal political over reachers get their feelings hurt.

I would never give up an once of freedom or my 1 st amendment rights to protect a political view.

My 2nd amendment protects my 1st amendment and my 4th and many others.

The Texas constitution also protects those rights as well.

Wayne Jefferson

My thoughts exactly. Just another big mouth who's hoping to create a disturbance to provoke a cop into assaulting him so he can sue.

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