To the Editor:

This government has wasted two-plus years and spent well over $30 million of the taxpayers’ money to investigate President Trump and the Trump administration, as to whether crimes of collusion, obstruction of justice and Russian interference into our elections have been committed.

All that to discover there was no evidence to corroborate such crimes had been committed.With that evidence exposed, one would have thought that, with those revelations of no wrongdoing, this matter would be finished.

Not to be. Instead, the Democratic Party has decided to go in a different direction in order to get President Trump out of office by performing a coup.

New allegations of high crimes and misdemeanors have been brought forward, but again nothing has been proved. Since that also came up fruitless, the Democratic Party then went to state the president had been withholding aid and funds to Ukraine. This again was proved wrong.

The secret phone call to the president of the Ukraine by President Trump was supposedly overheard by some whistleblower. Evidence shown, this whistleblower did not hear the conversation firsthand, but said he heard it from someone that heard it from someone else and on and on. Legally, this so-called whistleblower does not have legal status for anonymity simply because he has NO first hand knowledge of the call.

Now that this has fallen apart, the Democratic Party then decided to investigate the president on extortion and ultimately bribery.

From the preponderance of all evidence presented thus far, the Democratic Party along with the left-wing liberals have demonstrated, they will say, do and accuse President Trump of anything that comes to mind, just to unseat this president, simply because “They Hate Donald J. Trump” with every fiber of their being.

The problem we have here is not that President Trump has committed any high crimes or misdemeanors worthy of impeachment, but that he has been accomplishing and keeping his campaign promises and making the Democratic Party appear to be incompetent, vindictive and are doing what they can to change the results of the 2016 presidential election.

This conduct has been going on from the day he was elected until today.

It is my contention, and I may be speaking for a majority of the American people, we demand that since the Democratic Party is unwilling to call an end to this so-called impeachment inquiry, these proceedings be charged to the politicians’ pockets and they be made to pay for these two-plus years of wasted time and money.

Since President Trump has been in office, the Democratic Party and the far-leaning left have not taken care of any of “the people’s business” and it is within the right(s) of the American citizens to demand to be reimbursed for their time and money, which has been so frivolously misspent.

Hans-Juergen Hartung



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