To the Editor:

I want to draw your attention toward the efforts made in the legalization of marijuana.


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[tongue] You are the problem in our beautiful,FREE country. Chill,have a shot a beer and go for a drive...


This is not the reply that we need in the fight for decriminalization of marijuana.

Our veterans need this for pain relief.

The largest category of people smoking marijuana in LEGAL states is over 40.

This isn't about being stoned.

This is about not being arrested if you need a little bit of pain relief.


You can have legalized medical weed, if you think that is the cure all, which it is not, without legalizing it for everyone, including the young. .. ...I know quite a few pot heads...none of them do it for "pain relief". None of them.


:"This is about not being arrested if you need a little bit of pain relief"......No, it's really not.


You sound like a typical head that is for this stupid, ignorant, hurtful effort to legalize weed. ...Why don't you recommend having two beers..a couple of joints, ...then going for a drive. That way you could really feel FREE...Right?


Atheos does not know what he is talking about. Marijuana is NOT an innocuous drug. It causes brain damage in developing brains. Your brain does not mature until you are 25. It causes flatening of personality and destroys initiative. It causes paranoid ideation. Your argument that it is only a "herb" is asinine. So is Oleander. Try smoking some of that.


Don in correct. Weed is innocuous, it does destroy positive initiative for many, and misdirects initiative for others.......especially the young. It is habit forming, does create addicts, and and will give puffers an excuse for cruising around while smoking and being "cool". ...I have seen too many people, especially the young, have their lives changes and destroyed by weed. ..It IS a gateway drug, and is negative in so many ways. ...And oh yes, It does lead to harder drug use. Show me a couple of meth heads, coke users, crack heads that did not start with weed. ...But, you think legalizing weed would be good. If you believe that.......then you were probably in the top ten percent, ......of the bottom 20 percent of your graduating class..if... you graduated from high school.


[offtopic][censored] I don't think this "reader" really knows anything about marijuana. It's not that big of a deal lady Calm down. Plus you live in Salado so keep your OPINION to yourself. People caught with small amounts of marijuana & getting a criminal record ruins alot of career opportunities for said person. Meanwhile these people doing 2 day drugs like meth & cocaine are hiding right under your nose working any job because they can easily pass a drug test unlike marijuana which stays in your system for 30 days. It's a dang

herb get over it.


FH, It is that big a deal, you just don't have the intelligence to realize it, unfortunately. ...She can live in Salado and have an opinion, just like you can live in fairy tale land and have your opinion. ...Two day drugs?..wrong...Weed does stay in your system, which is sad. ...It's an herb?...Chew on some bougainvillea or oleander the next time you are anxious, they are plants put on this earth by God, .just like marijuana...


[ban]This from a highly educated person, proves that common sense is not so common! about that as a and very,very DEADLY!!!...DUI...COUNTLESS DEATHS!!!!!!

Weed will bring SOOOOOOO much $$$$$$$ to our economy. All the degrees and other meaningless, really? SILLY!!!! Research,maybe even try it..that way you will KNOW what your talking about...Very effective medicine..cancer,ptsd,anxiety ..and many more conditions are treated and in some cases cured.....she makes it sound like "reefer madness", absolute NONSENSE!!!!

#2022 #ridthe fools #growup #fixtheworld


I take it you think weed is the only "medicine" for the conditions you mention..of course it is not....and.....we are not talking JUST about medical weed. We are talking about the young, dumb,criminally inclined, and everyone else using the stink weed.,,,You sound like a typical WOKE left winger who thinks weed is sooo good....That just shows your lack of reasoning skills.


Alcohol is not a gateway drug like marijuana is, and that is a fact. ...Because we have something as dangerous and to many so negative and hurtful for their lives, we should add weed?....That is like saying that you, and everyone else, that might have heart trouble should also get cancer, also. Stupid argument.


I wonder what responsible, intelligent parents of young kids..... and teachers think of this ordinance. Mrs. Purser, board president, pretty well summed it up........................I just hope the city council keeps their word about following state law like they swore to do.

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