To the Editor:

It’s a generally accepted consensus that a pastor sets the example for their congregation. Yet what’s to be expected of the congregation of the pastor who willingly and blatantly refuses to follow the widely accepted recommendations about the COVID-19 virus and then catches it and dies?

Irvin Baxter, a Texas pastor, and End-time televangelist died after claiming COVID-19 was divine punishment for premarital sex.

Pastor Cortez and Pastor Darrell Boone of the Life Point Church died from COVID-19. Boone’s wife as well as one-half of the congregation members became infected.

Televangelist Marcus Lamb was one of the most vocal anti-vaxxers. Through his Daystar Television Network, he exposed a national audience to absolute lies that the vaccines were not effective, were dangerous and a form of government control.

Marcus Lamb is now dead because he would not trust science.

Oklahoma evangelist Wade Morris contracted COVID and died, but not before infecting some teenagers who were attending a Baptist assembly.

Conservative firebrand Bob Enyart, a talk show host and pastor of the Denver Bible Church, died from COVID-19.

Virginia pastor Gerald Glenn said, “God is larger than this dreaded virus.” Pastor Glenn died of COVID-19.

Pastor Frankline Ndifor died of COVID-19 after laying hands on the sick and claiming that he could cure COVID-19.

Misinformation, outright lies, and stupidly ignoring science have cost the lives of thousands upon thousands. Please get vaccinated to save yourself and others.

Chuck Nissley


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100% immunity for Pfizer, zero percent immunity for you...🤔

Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat

Pfizer Will Not Give mRNA Shots To Countries Where They Face Legal Liabilities For Side Effects

"Pfizer has been hesitant to go into some of the countries because of the liability problems, they don’t have a liability shield." - World Bank President David Malpass

So safe that Pfizer won't give it to you if you can sue them for adverse reactions❓


Forcing a person to receive a vaccine that has death as a side effect is attempted murder and should be treated as such. The masks don't work unless everyone wears one. LOL The "vax" doesn't work unless everyone has one. LOL. The lies don't work unless everyone believes them.

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