To the Editor:

Our disabled veterans are grossly undercompensated. This travesty of justice is causing enlistments to dry up. Danger!


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Wayne Jefferson

And to think now if you join the military and want transgender surgery its paid for. Wtf. Those good old days where members had unlimited access to healthcare which didn't last long. We really don't need to provide sex change services. Our military is going to heck in a hand basket. Thanks pedo Joe biden


My husband received 100% disability from the Army for about 3-4 years while he suffered through ALS. He is retired military so also had his retirement pay. Granted there were 2 of us so he was paid a little more. We felt like the pay was very generous as VA took care of all of his expenses and provided any equipment needed. I had no idea that disability pay was as high as it was until he started receiving it. I was so thankful for what we received and felt it was very generous.

As to the military taking care of the family's health care for life, I think they are doing a superb job. He paid nothing for any of his care and could go wherever he wanted to see any doctor or specialist. My healthcare has also been covered 100% except for prescription drugs which are at a very reduced rate through Express Scripts. Talking with others who have to pay for their own healthcare is a completely different story. I hate to even say anything with our compensation being so complete. I have been told it isn't fair but the military who fight for our country deserve this benefit. I have no complaints about the healthcare provided by the military and VA. My only complaint is losing my husband to ALS, a terrible, unforgiving disease.


I doubt there is a correlation between veteran disability compensation and enlistments. The problems with enlistments have to do with quality of life issues of those on active duty. As for promises, I remember being told that I would have medical care free for life, along with my family. That melted away real fast. We could start by keeping our promises to veterans and compensating them for service connected disabilities.

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