To the Editor:

Coronavirus has gone global. Thousands are being quarantined. As of today an estimated 110,000-plus have been diagnosed and over 2,000 have died.

There seems to be no end in sight.

President Trump has shut down the entire National Security Council Directorate on Global Health Security.

Trump also cut the budgets of the CDC, DHS and HHS.

He also eliminated the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund and fired the government’s pandemic response team.

We now have U.S. senators spreading conspiracy theories on national TV to create fear, rumors and prejudice that inhibit global cooperation to fight against the virus.

But we are spending $138.8 million on golf time so far and building an awesome border wall with Pentagon and taxpayer funding that falls over in high winds.

Thoughts and prayers anyone?

Sandra Blankenship



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Sandra Blankenship, the way you have expressed your view of the President’s actions concerning the current carona virus situation is quite interesting. The fact that travel from China was restricted last month was not noted. Was this not an effective action? All cases so far in the USA are our citizens, which were brought here for treatment. Some have recovered and successful treatments have been identified. So far it has been well contained. Hopefully this continues. A porous border is a concern, since illegal entrants are not screened. So even though there have been some construction setbacks with the border wall, the intent to provide security is quite appropriate. I applaud the news that San Fransico and New York City have also contributed by increasing funding for entry port screening. We should know who is coming into our country and the health of same. I do not criticize a person’s actions who is politically on the other side of the fence that contributes to increasing prevention of the virus spread. I do not expect a person politically opposed to President Trump to give him kudos, but to blanket criticize instead of supporting the effort to keep us safe, I do not understand.

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