To the Editor:

The Supreme Court just relegated women to second-class status, taking away our fundamental right to care for our own bodies and personal, medical decisions about giving birth.


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Wayne Jefferson

I can't imagine how people get these ideas in their heads. You have a choice. Quit having sex if you can't obstain from using birth control. Democrats talk about those poor kids getting shot in schools because of assault weapons but now killing babies with knives butchering them into pieces to throw into trash bins is ok.. killing is killing. and God is watching..


I am sick and tired of hearing these feminazis talk about choice. Women have choices. They can choose not to have unprotected sex, or use many of the methods, contraceptives, available keep sex from leading to an abotion.. Choice? They have many. .....Andrews, don't know whether you call yourself a Christian or not, but I wonder just how many of these screaming, demonsrtating females demanding for abortions to be legal, do call themselves Christian. ...Do they really think that Christ, God is in favor of abortions, killing unborn babies? These pro abortion people are just the worst ways.


This is the wrong response. First the Supreme Court didn't outlaw abortion. It just said it wasn't in the constitution. Second, the answer isn't more justices. Third, if you believe it's a constitutional issue, then amend the constitution to specifically make abortion a federal issue. Otherwise it's a State issue.

Every other country that has abortion has done it through the legislative process. So the answer here if you want to make abortion a federal issue is to amend the constitution.


Freedom of choice? What was the baby's choice? There are methods of contraception available, use them.


Yes elections have consequences. Here are a few of them. Higher gas prices, higher food prices, No food for babies, an incompetent president and vice president. Yes elections have consequences and you will see come November when the red wave hits and both the house and senate go back to being conservative.


"Elections MATTER! This November, rise up! Get out and vote out the traitors to our democracy"

Oh I will be voting in November to get all the COMMUNISTS out of the PEOPLES HOUSE.

Oh and we are not a democracy we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC you idiot.


Says the idiot who wanted to force people to be injected with poison and force children to wear masks.

Imagine being mad that you can't murder babies in the womb.

Show me in the Constitution as it was written where it says it is OKAY to murder a baby?

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