To the Editor:

We have attempted to reach all places where we may be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The local grocery stores and pharmacies tell us to go online to sign up. The local TV stations tell us the vaccine is here in Bell County, saying, “you must sign up”. So, we tried to sign up online — they are not allowing any sign-ups. So, our friend told us we could go to Darnall Hospital on Fort Hood. They went there, were allowed to sign up on a waiting list, and were called the next day to come in and get their vaccine. Shots completed for them. So, we went to Darnall — no shots available, and no sign-ups on a waiting list.

Then I hear that all these doses were available — about 4,000 — and people were able to make an appointment somehow, somewhere — and within 30 minutes, the appointments were filled up. I don’t know how people are getting information to sign up to get the vaccine. So frustrating.

My question is this — How do we sign up and get on the lists? We are over 80 years old — 88 and 91 to be exact. Where can we get information in a timely manner in order to “beat the crowd” of people who are signing up ahead of us? We are very compromised besides being over 85 years old. If we get COVID, we probably will most likely die from it.

Please put the information out there so it is clear to us old folks who aren’t computer-savvy on how we can get help.

Even though we are not in a nursing home, we should be high-priority due to our age and health conditions.

Janet Culver


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