To the Editor:

President Trump held a town hall in Pennsylvania. Of course, he lied again.

He said that Hunter Biden was unemployed prior to working for Burisma in 2014. WRONG!

He said that Pennsylvania has had the best unemployment numbers ever. WRONG! The unemployment rate for Pennsylvania was 4.5% last December. It was 5.6% for the Scranton, Pa.,area.

He said that we got hit just 3 weeks ago with COVID-19. WRONG! It started Jan 21.

He said that he reversed Obama’s decision that impeded testing for COVID-19. WRONG! No such Obama decision ever existed.

He said that Obama called Kim Jong Un many times, but Kim refused to talk to Obama. WRONG! Absolutely no proof.

A company wanted to build a natural gas plant in Louisiana. He said it was prevented because previous administrations would not grant the permits. He said, “I got them built ...” WRONG! Those permits were granted under Obama and its construction began under Obama.

Claimed, “China is paying us billions and billions of dollars because of what I did to them with tariffs.” WRONG! YOU are paying for his tariffs.

He said he is 100% behind protecting pre-existing medical conditions. WRONG! He is backing a Republican lawsuit before the Supreme Court that would void Obamacare with nothing to replace it.

He said we have cleaner air than 3 years ago. WRONG! His own EPA says air quality is worse than 3 years ago.

Space won’t permit the multiple lies about COVID-19.

On Aug. 16, 2016, Trump said, “I will always tell you the truth.” WRONG!

Pam Neal


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