To the Editor:

What kind of country do we have?

We have a country in which one-third of Republicans say they believe violence may be needed to solve the nation’s problems, according to a survey conducted in September by the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute. The survey also found that 68% of Republicans continue to believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

We have a country in which a former president is defending the Jan. 6 rioters, who caused five deaths and scores of injuries, who assaulted police officers, who shouted “Hang Mike Pence!” and who ransacked the U.S. Capitol. Last May, Republican senators blocked the formation of an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

We have a country in which a Republican congressman recently posted an edited anime video showing him killing a Democratic lawmaker and swinging swords at the president. The congressman had, as of Tuesday, received little public criticism from his GOP colleagues.

And we have a country in which Republican lawmakers who voted for the president’s infrastructure bill have received several profanity-laden death threats.

How is any of this bad behavior OK even if, by some miracle, the election was stolen, which it wasn’t? This behavior is not OK, and I wish Republican leaders had the courage to say so.

Why is one man’s inability to admit defeat at the polls more important to many Republicans than actual vote counts and the peaceful transfer of power, more important than Americans’ lives, more important than the rule of law or, for that matter, seemingly more important than America itself?

Oh, I forgot — next year’s midterm election season is fast approaching.

Deb Moore

Harker Heights

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Since this writer is so enamored with the Democratic party, just had to mention a couple of things. ..The Democrats are enamored with tax and spend and get the votes .Biden's programs are great examples of these policies. ...LBJ's "Great Society" was the ultimate example.... the program that he said would bring the black vote to the Democrats for the next 200 years...Government Housing "projects" turned into ghettos that became crime and drug dens..while it's policies effectively created the welfare state of mind ... The black family unit, a historically strong unit, began to disappear with the welfare state that the mindset and policies of the Great Society promoted. ...Today, over 70% of black babies are born into fatherless homes. The unwed mother is now the norm, not the exception. ..... Some of the programs were good, but much of the "Great Society" was a huge waste of moneys, including the educational promises made that sounded so good but in actuality were not.. ....The educational policies promoted, social agendas,....all made policies and raised expectations that were not kept.....It's amazing how the media indoctrinates people's minds in today's world. That is a sad,shameful fact. The left media along with leftist athletes and "personalities", influencers, ..which is absurd... shape people's minds...what a shame. ..Trump did more for our black population than any modern age Democrat has ...He funded HBUand Cs, promoted crime reform, and created business as well as social opportunities for minorities, but yet he was villified and called a racist, ...promoted, of course, by the liberal media,CNN, MSNBC, etc. .......Even now, the liberal press has something negative, some kind of story, putting Trump,.... Republicans,conservatives down... criticizing him and Republicans almost every single day in the news..It's a never ending process for the left. .. ...Our economy was the strongest it has been in forever, our adversaries knew not to belittle or mess with us, and the US was to operate with a position of stregth, not weakness. Those policies and goals are bad? ....BTW, One of the best things Trump did was to change the NAFTA agreement, which was horrible for us the way it was. .. ...He was not a big smile, promise the moon, kiss up political president that promised anything to get votes, but...he was much, much better than the sham we have now as President...Our economy is in shambles, our nation is more divided now, under Biden, than ever, and now Biden promises trillions of dollars to spend on pie in the sky programs ...with no tax hikes?. .....Do you really believe what the Democrats are telling you?..... ,,,,..BTW, I'm still wondering how Christians believe the right for women to have abortions is guaranteed by the Constitution, it is horrible to require people to have IDs to vote, and why when leftist rioters in the street are burning, stealing, destroying...they are called "protesters", ...while conservatives protesting, are called mobs.


We the People are NOT confused about ANYTHING nor are we Fooled.

The Fake News MSM is convincing themselves, and no one else except stupid brain-dead Liberals.

We the People know who they are and what they are.

Domestic Terrorists incite Violence to divide the Country. Not ALL Domestic Terrorists are Physically Violent.

"Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion." Karl Marx


Where was your outrage when mobs (not Republicans) were burning, looting, tearing apart cities, and tearing down national monuments last year?..Voter fraud? Surely not, like happened with Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed, LBJ's voters who voted in alphabetical order, or better yet from their graves?... As long as there is mail- in voting and voting without IDs, there will be a great chance of having tainted elections...Biden had the most votes of any Presidential election in our nation's history? Really?..Trump, in the same election had the second highest number of votes ever. ... Unreal... Biden had millions of more votes than Obama.???...I'm still trying to figure out why it is racist to require voters to have IDs. ....Biden and his band of socialist cronies are going the way the Dems have for and spend, in the effort to appease. Go socialist if it will get votes. ..We now have a President that has a big smile, a successful hair transplant, the inability to make a speech without a teleprompter, and empty promises. ..He is the wonder boy of the leftist media, the clowns of late night, and the liberal left...a good Christian man that is all in favor or women being able to abort their babies. BTW, where in our Constitution say that is a right?.. I hope you are very happy. Personally, when I think of him as our President,... Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and his leftist group, I am angry, sad, and very afraid for our country. ...Thankfully, his numbers now reflect many voters finally seeing the truth behind the man and his "woke" party. I am very much looking forward to the mid term elections. Hopefully, our nation is seeing this administration for what it is. ....Speaking of the leftist media..just the video ..Trump vs Biden: Which candidate is racist?...Then, brag on the man and party that you helped elect, while badmouthing Republicans.


Very well-spoken. The author of this "opinion" is just another communist sheep following the narrative and can't research for themselves.

Dem's requirement for president is 100% emotional:





Business savvy?



only GOOD INTENTIONS matter and

being a "nice guy" on late-night talk shows🙄

The #FakeNews communist propaganda will be silent about any

wrong doing by Obama and #LyinBiden & they know it.

Obama's entire career is based on Black Privilege while giving us the🖕!

Was a MASTER at playing the race card !




Bush for 8 years🙄.

Guess who taught #LyinBiden how to BLAME Trump?

Neither incompetent moron could run a lemonade🍋 stand.

All the American Communists (DemocRATS) have to offer is

lies, deceit & treachery coming out of their satanic🤮mouths.

On social media, that's called CLICK_BAIT.

We know it's another pathetic stab at REVERSE_PSYCHOLOGY🙄


Race Card- A tool of the intellectually weak and lazy when they cannot counter a logical argument or factual data.


Yes I know the midterms are coming and I look forward to voting against democrats, the party of Marxism, violence, perversion, destruction of our bill of rights, and destruction of our economy. The only party that cares about America is the Republican party.

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