To the Editor:

As a taxpayer in the Killeen ISD taxing district, I find it impossible to believe that the current administration does not deem it necessary to fire a director of communication who knowingly lied in a statement to the press to continue to be the spokesperson.

Let us set aside for a moment the fact that she has been charged with (misdemeanor) domestic violence. As the rule of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law does still exist — though she should be suspended pending the outcome of the case — let us just look solely at the fact that she lied to the public in a press release.

Does the ISD really want to retain a spokesperson who knowingly lied in a press release with the intent of doing so to play down the case against her in an attempt to retain her job (for her own personal gain) at the expense of the district’s credibility?

Does the ISD condone open and outright lying to the taxpayers? If so, what else have they knowingly lied about while she spoke on their behalf? If not, why is she still employed by KISD?

Does the fact that she lied to the public while in her capacity as spokesperson for KISD not suggest she lacks the integrity the position calls for?

Does not the fact that KISD has chosen to retain her at this point not call into question the integrity of the entire KISD administration team or at the very least those in the position to fire or at the very least suspend her?

By not making a decision to take action, a decision has been made and it at least condones lying, if not domestic violence.

Michael Cotten


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