Reader notes people responding differently to the current crisis

To the Editor:

It is interesting to watch how differently people respond to the coronavirus. Here are my observations.

1. Thoughtful and helpful: These people keep in touch with friends, family and neighbors to see how they might help. They find and share resources. They are the most resilient.

2. Frozen: Their anxiety immobilizes them and they worry and fret. They will use up all their money and wait for someone to rescue them.

3. I have mine, now you get yours: They buy more ammunition,they hoard their resources and suspect others will try to take them — either individuals or the government.

4. Profit above all other considerations: These people hide behind the altruistic curtain of keeping people employed. Although the food chain and essential services must keep going, companies like Hobby Lobby, who claim God will protect their employees, and cities and states that will not order “shelter in place” are suspect. This is what early on kept President Trump from listening to the science behind the pandemic.

5. Visionaries: Bill Gates warned everyone five years ago in a TED talk that the next catastrophe was not going to be war but a pandemic. He recommends now that everyone needs to shelter in place worldwide until June to avoid millions of deaths. A number of years ago, retired Lt. Gen. Pete Taylor, former commanding general of Fort Hood, attended a conference at the CDC on planning for pandemics. In his presentation to my Rotary Club, he said that the Army was the only organization capable of massive mobilization of resources.

When we are at our best, we all are the first on the list, and we listen to our visionaries. This is best for us, best for each other, best for the world.

Warren Townsend


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