To the Editor:

You and your wife attend the wedding of a friend. In the next few days, you start coughing, running a fever, and feeling really bad. At the hospital you test positive for COVID-19 and are admitted.

Getting worse, you are admitted to ICU. You can barely breathe, and the doctors are advising intubation. You are not able to see any of your family. You wonder if you will survive. Who will walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding? How will your family afford the mortgage payments? How will your children afford to go to college? No job means no health insurance. You are alone and afraid.

The doctors come into your room and tell you that you need to be put on a ventilator because you can no longer breathe well enough on your own to stay alive. Will you ever see your family again? You now really wish you had taken the vaccine. The doctors sedate you, insert a large tube in your mouth into your lungs and connect you to a ventilator. You can no longer speak.

The machine is breathing for you. After 2 weeks on the ventilator, the doctors and nurses have done all they can. They sadly approach your wife and children to tell her that you did not survive. Now sadly she must make funeral arrangements. You were only 40 years old.

Randy Broussard


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You are driving. A bright light appears in your rear view mirror. All power to the vehicle dies, but radio turns on. At first static, then strange noises that sounds like metal griding in wind and trumpets.

You worry about the Taco Bell in the back seat. Your wife and kids may not eat a hot take out meal tonight.


You try to open the driver side door.


Window is automatic, so no power.

Car lifts up to what appears to be an Earth Assault ship Class 4.

Taco Bell falls on floorboard.

No tacos now.

Aliens take you on the ship and your family thinks you left them.

Fictional stories are fun.

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