Reader offers opinions on VP pick, fear-mongering about coronavirus

To the Editor:

Joe Biden’s selection for VP (perhaps selected for him) took some people by surprise, but it appears the majority of the Democratic Party are ecstatic with it.

Sen. Kamala Harris is a Black woman with proven political experience and traits that will come in handy in the next 10 weeks.

She is ambitious, opportunistic, abrasive and at times, aggressive. It’s going to be a very interesting time for America and the Democrats. She is very good at questioning others and we’ll see the other side of the coin.

If Joe Biden wins the presidency, I believe that she will play a larger role than most VPs to date. She has an excellent educational background, as do her parents. Her father is a college professor and her mother is a physician specializing in cancer research.

Will the story about the little girl waiting to be bused have an impact? Who knows, but it does not sound like she needed food stamps to survive her childhood.

The press is painting her as a “tough cookie.” With her around, perhaps “Old Joe” will dispense with his Secret Service protection.

Whoever wins must follow the dictates of the presidential oath. Love and protect America.


Another headliner is COVID-19. It seems to me that fear mongering has played a solid part to date.

Deaths attributed to the virus have barely approached 2%; that’s a 98% survival rate. The only issue that’s real is its impact on the economy.

Absenteeism from work has created unemployment and allowed businesses to plummet.

In my opinion, a person over 90 years old with cardiac and respiratory problems that tests positive for the virus dies, should be diagnosed as “death by natural causes”. Those who differ, forgive me.

Russia announced that a new vaccine was tried and is effective. Vladimir Putin, their # 1 man, says that his sisters were vaccinated without adverse reactions.

Most of the world is anxiously waiting because Russia is not known for speaking the truth and only the truth. Several U.S. companies are rushing to test drugs that deliver antibodies (proteins the body makes to fight infection), in this case to help eliminate viruses; in the temporary absence of a vaccine, it becomes Plan B.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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She is not Black - half Jamaican, half Indian.


Just an FYI on the Covid-19 death statistics. The figure you used is current infected, divided by deaths is wrong because all the cases have not run their course. The numbers have to computed on "CLOSED CASES" which as of today is 3,051,789. The cases which had an outcome: Recovered / Discharged = 2,879,670 (94%); Deaths = 172,119 (6%). The mortality rate really kicks in after the 45-54 age group. The recovered number is getting better because treatment is better, but even then most still suffer from after effects of disease.

Source: CDC, National Center for Health Statistics

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