Reader points to changes needed to make 2020 a better year in Killeen

To the Editor:

As we enter 2020, we ponder the positives and negatives of this past year and the expectations for the new one.

Our city is projected to grow in population significantly in the next few years; it will bring with it a large increase in the student population. Those in a position of responsibility are working on projected water needs, energy, schools and expansion.

Schools have taken precedence over other issues, but it’s a positive action. The decisions made will no doubt have an impact on tax increases, but it is a necessary move; not a citizen favorite, but needed with an increase in residents and student population.

The homicide rate doubled this past year, an extremely serious issue for the chief of police to deal with. Seems like every month murder made the headlines in the Killeen Daily Herald. A survey last year named Killeen as one of the best places to live.

Unless crime, specifically murder, is not brought under control, we will be known as the city to stay away from.

Homelessness presented us with a challenge, but in my opinion, it was handled well. (If they could only pick up their own trash.) The generosity of our citizens was exemplary.

We do not need to emulate Austin, San Francisco or other cities where their sidewalks are littered with drug paraphernalia, urine, feces, etc.

Killeen can become a vibrant city where anyone can be safe and work to fulfill their dreams. Right now, there’s a major deterrent facing the city; “Crime”.

The Killeen police face a very serious problem and needs all the help they can get from citizens, still, it is their responsibility to face the problem head on and free the city. There will be limitations, but a 100% increase in murder is absolutely a no-no.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant



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