To the Editor:

What are the values of the MAGA Republicans? I have to wonder what the hell happened to the Republican Party.


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Wayne Jefferson

Either way the target is on us the American people and the constitution. By micro managing every little mental issue we divide us further from God. There are two genders and men cannot get pregnant. Changing kids genders to make your own child is wrong. We need to close our borders and start cleaning house in America. If you don't like it you will be deported. Been since 1776since it's been cleaned. Let's grab out brooms and get at it


Q. What are the values of democrats?

A. Pedophilia.

Killeen patriot

Q. "What are the values of progressive democrats"?

A. Communism

Richard North

Q: "What are the values of MAGA Republicans...?"

A: Fascism

Killeen patriot

LOL!!! as opposed to the party that cannot define what a woman is. the dems have lost touch with average americans. They embrace ripping out a 5 year old's uterus, because they played once with a toy truck. The libtards think every woman athlete in america should never win again, because they have to compete with men pretending to be women. I mean have you ever listened to AOC? I have never ever heard a person so stupid.


This coming from a member of a party that has no values whatsoever

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