To the Editor:

Evidently, one man’s bond saving is the KISD taxpayers’ over taxation. Dr. John Craft announced at last Tuesday’s KISD Board workshop that the district was going to see a $20M “savings” from the 2018 bond. Dr. Craft and his staff were practically giddy with joy at the fact that all the projects related to the bond would be coming in at a total of $406M instead of the stated bond price of $426M.

The only problem is the taxpayers still are on the hook for the entire $426M, so it’s technically not a “savings”. It’s more like they overtaxed the taxpayer by $20M or roughly 5%. And if the truth be told, the overtaxation was actual more.

KISD changed multiple projects. They increased the cost of KHS renovation (by $24M). They changed the Clifton Park renovation to a complete replacement and increased the cost by $13M. And they upgraded stadium at High School #6 to the tune of an $11M increase. That’s 48M dollars.

So, the true cost of the projects presented to and approved by the public in the 2018 bond was $358M. That’s a $68M overtaxation. That’s a whopping 15.9% overcharge.

I’m not going to say I told you so, because Dr. Craft has already got a “wish list” of new projects he wants to build.

What I would tell the taxpayer is grab your wallet.

KISD’s strategic facility fund (which has $150M balance in it) won’t pay for everything Dr. Craft wants to build. He’s going to be looking for more “savings” from your wallet.

Stan Golaboff

retired Army colonel

Harker Heights

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Killeen patriot

The people of Killeen need to stop being cheapskates. We have the largest district in Bell county, but we have the crappiest facilities, over all. Because the people in our city complain so much. They want million dollar teaching on a hundred dollar budget. Well, guess what, you get the quality of the level you are willing to invest. We should have at least another stadium. We should have a soccer stadium like temple isd, we should be tearing down and rebuilding Ellison high. We should be proud that they district was able to save money and redirect money to other projects. so instead of over taxing the public, we should celebrate the district for getting us more project out of the $426 million than originally planned. I call that being a good steward of what the public has given to you.


If you feel you are undertaxed, there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from donating extra in excess of your tax bill.


Right on point. Taxation is theft. This is taxation without representation, something our school boards, city, county, state and federal governments are good at. The biggest part of our tax bill is for the school district and the college .so they can indoctrinate children while forcing them wear germ infested face diapers. We don't even have children in school but we have to pay for everyone else's kid to get an "education". We homeschool my youngest and she gets a better education here at home. But we pay for her education for better curriculum and for the so called "education" of other peoples kids too and for all their stupid expensive projects and new discipline plans to let the criminally minded kids get away with whatever they want to.

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