To the Editor:

Did you know May 1 is election day for Killeen City Council and Killeen school board? When asked, most voters don’t know there is an election or just don’t plan to vote.

Yes, it is a smaller, less publicized election compared to the November presidential election. But, the people elected in municipal races have more of a direct impact on you and your family.

Did you know City Council and the school board determine how your tax dollars are spent? According to the Killeen City website, city council sets all policy.

Currently the city is working on creating a Comprehensive Plan that addresses the city’s long-term issues and recommends steps for near-term efforts. Recommendations that directly impact our quality of life.

Similarly, the Killeen ISD school board sets the district’s goals and priorities. The mission, according to the KISD website, is to “teach so that students learn to their maximum potential”.

Goals include how schools are equipped, hiring practices, communications between stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, and how to manage resources. Goals that directly impact our access to a quality education.

Did you know a small number of voters elect the people making these decisions? In The 2019 Killeen city election, 1,650 out of 145,686 Killeen residents voted. Put another way, 1% of Killeen residents decided who will govern our city and our schools. Now is the time to step up and be heard. Your vote is your voice. Please cast your vote Saturday, May 1.

To learn more about who is on the ballot, voting times, and polling locations goto

Marianne Miller


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