To the Editor:

The flimsy excuse Congressman John Carter (Republican of Round Rock) gave for voting to object to certifying the electoral votes of two states on Wednesday is ridiculous.

He knows full well that the votes were valid, had been certified by those states after recounts.

Every legal challenge had already been made and dismissed.

Even the U.S. attorney general stated there was no widespread fraud.

This was simply a political stunt that has undermined people’s trust in our election processes and encouraged people to believe lies spread by the Trump administration.

He and all the others who tried to delay certification (Sen. Ted Cruz especially) bear some responsibility for what happened at the Capitol because they didn’t stand up for the truth.

I believe every single one of these legislators should be removed from office at the first opportunity and never be allowed to serve another term.

They did not represent us. They served themselves for political expediency.

K. Finn


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They definitely did not serve us you're 100% correct they serve themselves and they've been doing it for years and he was up to us to VOTE THEM OUT!!

Killeen patriot

the blatant hypocrisy of the left is utterly vomitous. This summer when Antifa and BLM were burning down America, they constantly refereed to these acts of terrorism as "mostly peacefu" protest. A handful of the 1.5 million protesters in Washington went into the capital building, and "OH NO!! it is an act of insurrection". Please, sorry your bias is showing. There is a mountain of evidence that this was the most corrupt election in our history. 1000's of sworn affidavits, last minute election law changes by people with no constitutional authority to make those changes. The problem is finding a judge with a spine to actually review the evidence. Turning a blind eye to the evidence does not make it valid. Personally, I think we need 49 more Cruz and 427 more Carters.

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