Reader says all available resources must used to halt coronavirus spread

To the Editor:

When and if this letter gets published, the incidence of coronavirus will most likely have increased significantly over the present count.

It has reached 24 countries and perhaps the most serious and concerning fact is that the Chinese reported 1,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus among health care workers.

On Jan. 20, an outbreak among medical personnel claimed 13 nurses and one physician — all related to one single patient!

The crisis is looming closer, although trepidation on a large scale has not been seen in the USA. The latest report in the number of cases is over 80,000 worldwide with 3,000 deaths, mostly in China. (60 cases in the U.S)

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention warned that spread to America is “inevitable,” the Department of Health and Human Services also predicted spread of the virus is not “if but when”. The president believes we are ready.

China is a significant provider of personal protection equipment (world wide). Supplies are running low despite efforts by the government to increase production.

The United States should be at this moment in a mad rush to manufacture the devices to include the N95 respirators, a better product than regular masks.

The most important step at this time should be to prioritize the use of available resources to health care workers and first responders worldwide.

The U.S. has an emergency request of $2.5 billion, this request must be approved as soon as possible and if possible increase it!

Coronavirus Travel Warnings

from CDC and State Department:


IV - Do not travel

III - Avoid nonessential travel

II. - Practice enhanced precautions

danger levels by country

China — IV

Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan — III

South Korea — II & III

Japan — II

Iran — II

Pedro C. Santiago

retired master sergeant



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