To the Editor:

Our Air Force Liaison Officer at 7th Army Training Command, Grafenwohr FRG had been an amateur boxer in college.

In conversation one day, he explained with great clarity why a boxer always tries to knock out his or her opponent.

He said, “A knockout takes the referee and ring judges who are evaluating the match completely out of the decision process. When your opponent is lying on the mat and counted out by the ref, the last man standing is the clear winner.

“All secondary evaluation is nullified regardless of how the match was being scored before the knockout.”

The two letters to the editor in Sunday’s KDH reminded me that contests are often ended without the clarity of a knock-out punch, and the decision is left up to the judges’ evaluation scoring.

The first article is titled: “Reader says Senate’s acquittal of Trump legitimizes abuses of power.”

The second article: “Reader says Trump’s acquittal proves hate not enough for a guilty verdict.”

Both articles are well written. Clearly, they offer two different viewpoints. All of us KDH readers now become the “ring judges” who will score the contest with our votes.

As to which side won the “impeachment” battle, I have not a clue even after watching, reading and listening to much of the process in the various media sources.

From my viewpoint, most of the time I could not tell which side was being truthful and which side was not. The seemingly one-sided coverage by the main-stream news media did not help anyone, especially themselves.

Our watchdog media has gotten old, stodgy, and very political. It was all very frustrating to me.

I can tell you who lost. Us!

The time, money, and energy wasted by all our elected officials in Washington, D.C., over the last three years is shameful.

In November, we get to vote. Between now and then, if there is no knockout, a split decision will be rendered.

The endless discussion will continue, important issues will be ignored, and millions more of our tax dollars wasted in Washington.

What a mess! No wonder a prize fighter always goes for a knockout.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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