To the Editor:

How quickly we forget. At the beginning of the pandemic, our president ordered that limitations be made on immigrants entering our county, particularly from countries experiencing COVID-19.

Many objected, citing prejudicial immigration practices. Then, our president downplayed the pandemic, in an attempt to prevent widespread panic. Many objected, citing his lack of concern. As a result, there was no out-of-control panicking, but widespread concern.

Finally, Mr. Trump told the country that a vaccine was being prepared, and would be available soon. Many denigrated his comments, BUT, pharmaceutical companies were pressed to do just that. And they did: multiple vaccines were created in record time, and are now being distributed this year. I expect that the new administration will take credit for the upcoming reduction in infecteds next year.

So, does that mean that it’s all over; that we have finally licked the virus? By no means! We must continue all efforts to protect ourselves and others from the virus. It is expected to peak this winter, many more infected and deaths, are expected, and will happen. We must continue the fight!

And now it’s up to the new administration to enact measures to repair our economy to pre-pandemic status. We had among the lowest unemployment figures in decades with more jobs being created, in record numbers.

We need financial help for small businesses, and incentives and encouragement to large companies, to expand and hire. Immediately, we need to provide financial assistance to those out of work, encouraging them to find new opportunities: no free lunch.

Let’s grow again, let’s show the world how to ‘fix’ a problem, using intelligence and drive. Let’s show the world what our country is made of.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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