To the Editor:

A recent report shows that many countries have “crushed” the COVID-19 virus infections as far as new infections and deaths are concerned and the virus problem is drifting downward eventually toward complete control. Unfortunately, the USA is going in exactly the opposite direction. Why?

It appears that the countries getting the virus under control have populations which trust their experts, their immunologists, virologists and microbiologists, and have been following their recommendations. In the US, in contrast, a steady drumbeat constantly rejecting any information from any source other than a particular tweeter and his favorite TV mouthpiece has severely weakened the public’s trust in valid information. Too many people have decided they know as much, or more, than the experts. Unfortunately, until a vaccine is developed, this attitude will just continue to keep the US in the forefront of the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths. When the vaccine is eventually developed, the anti-vaxxers are on their own

Benjamin Liles


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