To the Editor:

At 83 and in poor health, I’ve been hunkering down in my apartment for months as the ugly debate about vaccinations raged on.

Recently, I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions. The drive-thru I normally use was jammed with cars, so I went inside.

I was stunned to find the pharmacy filled with people and a line stretching across the back of the store.

It’s difficult for me to stand very long, so I leaned on my cane and a nearby shelf.

A young woman behind me said, “There’s an empty chair in the pharmacy. Go sit there and I’ll keep your place in line.”

Twenty-five minutes later it was my turn. The woman handling my prescriptions said they had been absolutely overrun all day with people wanting vaccinations and testing.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar sensation came over me and I recognized it as a feeling I hadn’t had for so long — HOPE.

Friends, we can do this!

Carole Arnold


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The Victims of the COVID Vaccines

752,801 Adverse Events

71,036 Hospitalizations

85,377 Urgent Care

6,737 Anaphylaxis

9,035 Bell's Palsy

2,262 Miscarriages

7,582 Heart Attacks

6,812 Myocarditis/Pericarditis

20,789 Permanently Disabled

15,937 Deaths

Why are public health officials and politicians ignoring the data❓

Why are they ignoring the victims of the COVID vaccine❓

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