To the Editor:

For all the very wrong reasons, you have decided to not get vaccinated. You intentionally risk your life, the life of your family, the life of your fellow Americans. In what world do Americans refuse to help our neighbors, our fellow Americans? If your neighbor were dying of cancer, would you not offer to help the family in any way you can? You say you don’t trust the vaccine — but you should not trust the virus. Almost 200 million Americans are still alive because they took the shot. Yes, you might have a sore arm, some fatigue, and headaches for a day or two. I think that is a better trade-off then being visited by friends and family at your funeral. I know that you think your governor, your senators, and representatives have your best interest at heart. Really? They only have their best interest at heart. You have been blindsided by liars and sycophants. No vaccine is 100% safe and this one has had very few, very rare adverse events.

America should never represent man’s inhumanity to man. Be a part of the future, not a body in the ground. Be an American who cares about the country and ALL the people in it. Take the shot and save a life.

Chuck Nissley


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CDC Director Tells CNN the COVID Vaccines Can't Prevent transmission and that's not all the vaccine can't do! The vaccine can't keep you from getting Covid-19 (1/3 of all the Covid-19 patients in the hospital have taken the two-shot protocol)! So let's add it up: The vaccine can't prevent Transmission, and it can't keep you from having to go to the hospital! With that track record, I think we'll be finding out in the very near future that the vaccine can't even lessen the severity of the Disease! The only thing it can do is KILL you!


I will take part in the vaccine experiment------I will be in the NON vaccinated control group.


Wayne Jefferson

I can fathom taking a shot when the survival rate is 97 percent. Same reason I don't need a flu shot. If it's so effective and safe it should not have liability protection. should have real science and not fear driven propaganda. You don't censor possible disinformation..and fauci... How many Jews died from disinformation..he has competition..

Killeen patriot

I had COVID and thus I have natural immunity. There is no reason for me to be vaccinated. Especially since the "science" shows natural immunity is superior to the vaccination. My body, my choice.


Hyperbole and stupidity are not very persuasive

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