To the Editor:

During the past decade or more Democrats have added more racism throughout our nation than before President Obama’s first term.

Pushing imagined and real racist agendas unto the American people, changing our vocabulary and policies to make Blacks and transgender groups “more acceptable” and other venues have angered many Americans where racism did not flourish before.

In truth, the forced “political correctness” has caused more issues than it has resolved.

It should be obvious that most people are NOT racist, but by trying to force people to be and to act in certain ways, you are fueling an antagonistic, dictatorial political and social climate that makes things worse.

Often the “loudest mouths” screaming “the racist card” belong to those who are actually racist and may have other agendas.

In addition, I know many in the Latino/Hispanic, Asian and other communities are angry for being “left-out” from the government’s “racist” agenda.

Under President Biden, government is pushing itself more into the lives of American Citizens WITHOUT respecting their privacy and right to choose how we opt to live. It needs to stop!

Peter Stern


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I couldn't agree more.

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