COVID-19 derails Texas Democrats lobbying in Washington

FILE - In this July 13, 2021, file photo Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, dean of the Texas House of Representatives, speaks as Democratic members of the Texas legislature hold a news conference at the Capitol in Washington. Texas Democrats are starting a second week of holing up in Washington to block new voting laws back home. More than 50 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives had plans Monday to continue on a media blitz in the nation's capital and pressure Congress to act on federal voting rights.

To the Editor:

Once again the left-wing cowards of the socialist Democrat Party have fled the state to avoid doing the job they were elected to do, over voter integrity.

They loudly scream “voter suppression.” That is an outright lie. The voter integrity bill does not suppress the vote; it only makes it harder to commit voter fraud, which is exactly what the Democrats stand for.

I encourage the Legislature to pass a constitutional amendment to stop quorum busting by expelling any member who flees to avoid doing his job and bans him from holding any future elective office. Next, he should be heavily fined.

If you had a business where your employees fled to obstruct your business, you would fire them. We should do the same to these legislator cowards.

Donald N. Baker


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Actually North, none of what you said is true. You need to stop believing the lying left wing fake news media

Richard North

Hilarious considering the invasion of our capital from right wingnuts.


For those that haven't done the math yet;

The FBI planned the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping.

The FBI instigated January 6th riot.

Kamala Harris and others bailed out BLM and Antifa all last summer.

BLM and Antifa survive on Democrat support.

The point? Every bit of violence, on every side of the political spectrum was paid for, sponsored, endorsed and fabricated by the party in power - The Democrats. This is a coup.

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