Reader says employer asked her to move, then reneged on lease offer

To the Editor:

I was transferred from San Antonio to Killeen in October by my employer. I was asked to transfer from a retail sales representative to open and become a manager at the now successful store here in Killeen.

In order to move. I had to break my apartment lease in San Antonio. My employer said all would be taken care of. My job moved me here, and I’m settled into a nice apartment in Killeen. However, my employer is not taking care of my having to break my lease in San Antonio. This gives me anxiety, naturally. It feels wrong that my employer gets to reap the benefits of this flourishing store and yet not be bothered that he has not followed through on a verbal agreement.

I had 16 more months left on that apartment and they are charging me an 85% re-letting fee that comes out to almost $12,000. I would never had agreed to a job transfer had I dreamed my boss would not take care of this.

The only peace from this I have is, unbeknownst to my boss, I am a veteran. He has essentially brought me to my turf, if you will. I am a Persian Gulf vet. I had been in Somalia plus GITMO. I pulled guard duty in the middle of the night on top of trailers to only a starlit night in the desert. Of course I can survive this setback. But shame on him for profiting from my hard work and leaving me with ruined credit.

Lorin Robinson



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