To the Editor:

Two years ago, all were concerned about the virus. Most wanted something, anything to make them safe.

Now we have it. What happened? Why are so many not accepting the shots?

Bad info on the web is from internal/external sources that seek to disrupt. The same players that mess with other social activities are doing this. Always consider the source of info.

We are tone deaf to all statements about this health crisis. Science data is pushed aside for many invalid reasons.

Try this one for size: Instead of case counts, etc., show the financials. If for no other reason, financials would change your minds.

Do you have a job/insurance/family coverage? What is your income bracket? Savings? Budget, mortgage, etc.

No shot, you get the virus. Ambulance ride, average $3 grand; ER check-in, $2,500, IF they have a bed. Ambulance / air freight to somewhere else, pick a number; ICU day rate on ventilator ... $$$$$$$ x days/weeks. 20% chance to get off vent. Meds / oxygen for rest of life. Abbreviated longevity.

IF you can get treatment, IF you survive, you will not live long enough to ever pay the bills. Forget the health; look at the financials. You will be wiped out. You will not tecover. You put yourself, your family, community and country at financial risk of collapse.

I refer you back to the bad info sources. You are assisting in their efforts to damage this country ... one fool at a time. Seems to be working.

Can you afford the financial risk? Run the numbers. Estimate the impact.

Shot are free.

Wayne Duncan


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“We are tone deaf to all statements about this health crisis. Science data is pushed aside for many invalid reasons.”

You are correct, Science data is being aside. Natural immunity is more effective and stable than the vaccine. Other countries use science to recognize the strength of natural immunity, but this government does not.

“ being pushed aside.” This vaccine is not a true vaccine by definition, it is a therapeutic. True vaccines cure, therapeutics help dampen or lessen the effects and symptoms of a a virus or bacteria.

“ being pushed to the side.” Natural immunity attacks the whole make up of the virus, the vaccine only attacks 1 or 2 of them.

“...common sense put aside.” If it is so safe, tell people what is in it, and lift the liability protections and waivers we must sign freeing the pharmaceutical companies from all liabilities if the the drug produces any life changing or ending effects -as it has already done for thousands of adults AND children; and, is continuing to do.

“...common sense pushed aside.” Hope is hope. We all hope in various ways, yet it is still our personal definition of OUR hope that we stand upon. It is not wrong of me to criticize someone else’s view of hope as I may not agree, but it is not my place to “...put aside social science.” and try to shame and ostracize them from society...unless they agree with my definition of “hope”. Not try to shame you out of society Wayne or get you to “come to my side”, but, Wayne, shame on you for trying to shame others. Social sciences call the words you have expressed as, “selfish and self centered.” It is my HOPE, though, that you meant it differently, but did not know how to express your thoughts ina more “micro aggressive” or offensive way.




18,853 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 27,951 Total Reported Deaths

94,537 Total COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/174,987 Total Reported Hospitalizations

894,143 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports


Take you clot shot and shove it.

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