Reader says football players should express opinions off field

To the Editor:

Well, another football season is here. And, of course, we are subjected to the various players’ pride, prejudice, and proclivities.

Unfortunately, all the demonstrations, fanfare, and pronouncements prior to and during the game openings have little to do with the sport of football.

Frankly, it is my humble opinion that the football players are paid for their services. They are paid for the athletic abilities (although — in my opinion — far overpaid — considering how we value pay for doctors, nurses, aides, home health care professionals, police, fire personnel, etc. who are the keepers of our social and healthcare fabric).

I cannot fathom why we tolerate or be subjected to football (or other sports’ players’) individual and collective pre-game antics concerning their beliefs (private and personal). They are on the field to compete and to provide services for their pay — not their opinions. If they want to provide their opinions, protest, or express biases, let them take personal action in their communities and in their private lives — not on the field. My take on all of this over the last few years is simply this — antics to glean personal “glory” or “newsworthiness” or a personal “cause” is highly inappropriate.

If one has an opinion, you are certainly able to express it — but it is not appropriate when you are at work. These athletes are “at work” when they are on the field — so let’s stop this pedantic approach to “social responsibility”. I really do not believe they would be doing these things in many other countries — so they should certainly be thankful they are in America — where you can express your opinions and thoughts by your deeds and actions — I urge them (and others) to quit imposing their beliefs on all Americans who are watching the athletic games when they are simply paid for doing their job — live by example not by “histrionics”.

Don Krieger

Harker Heights

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