To the Editor:

RE: Reader says GOP more concerned with gun rights than public safety. KDH 18 APR 2021

I guess first is to state that everyone is concerned about safety — or at least should be, whether that safety is at home, at school, at work or anywhere else. I carry a gun, as a licensed carrier in Texas, just about everywhere I go. I know that there are many many others who do the same. We are looking out for our own safety and the safety of others. The FACT that many carry a gun in Texas should make criminals think twice about hurting anyone in public. The places it does not are the same places liberal places that restrict carrying of a gun as much as they possibly can.

The writer throws a lot of numbers out with no context whatsoever. Fort Hood for example, does not allow anyone to carry a weapon except for his or her military duties and law enforcement duties. Still two soldiers, one a medical officer and one an enlisted soldier killed fellow soldiers and civilians on post. I am willing to bet that in all of the rest of the numbers you will not find one licensed gun owner as the aggressor. In fact, you will find licensed carriers stopping several of the incidents.

Liberals spend a lot of time talking about what they have to do with the thing — the gun. They spend little or no time talking about the person who pulls the trigger, killing or wounding innocents. I have said this before; the guns in my cabinet have NEVER jumped out of it and proceeded to shoot anyone. They simply cannot do that. A person must pick up the gun and pull the trigger.

The one place where I think there should be a lot more effort and really more convictions is adults who have loaded guns in places where children can access then and shoot themselves or another child. There should be legal penalties for the stupidity of the adult.

There are no accidents with guns. They do not fire on their own. They do not get loaded on their own. They do not get left unattended in places where children can access them. There are no accidents.

Finally, the Second Amendment states: ... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It is the same RIGHT as other RIGHTS enshrined in the other nine Amendments of the Bill of Rights. It can also be said that the Second Amendment is the foundation on which the other nine stand. Seeing how easily almost half of the Republic are willing to see it torn down and replaced with a socialist state, you should be able to see just why the Framers wrote the Second Amendment as they did.

Hal Dudley


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