To the Editor:

We just endured a historical weather event, something that none of us will probably experience again in Texas, in our lifetime. To many, this means that the thought of global warming is ludicrous.

There is no need to concern ourselves with HAGW (human assisted global warming); it is all folly. After all, other parts of our country were also experiencing the same kind of weather; and for many years.

But, what about the weather at the North Pole, where the cold weather came from? Fact is, the poles are experiencing record highs. It seems that the weather vortex there moves in such a manner that one area might have colder weather than usual while another had warmer weather. That is what happened last month.

So, does this mean that there is no ongoing change of air temperature on our planet? The answer is “no”.

Scientists have followed and reported warmer changes, and the changes are happening rapidly. Skeptics say that that is normal, we are merely experiencing a recurring global weather change, as has happened many times before. But, so rapidly?

What is happening is not normal, and we can do something about it. Clearly mankind is putting to much ‘junk’ into the air, and that causes a greenhouse effect.

Alone, that would not change the weather to a huge degree, but with normal geophysical changes, it does make a difference.

We need to make a concentrated effort worldwide to clean our planet. True, our country has made great headways to do that, and it seems that Third World countries are the most guilty.

In any case, if we want a clean planet, and maybe, more acceptable weather, then we must take action.

Think about that when spring comes, with unusually strong storms, like those that we have been having in recent years.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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Manmade climate change is an absolute hoax.

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