To the Editor:

Planet America has coarsened over the past 50 years.

Back then, President Nixon was embarrassed out of office when his late-night plumbers got caught poking around the other party’s national headquarters. Now, Trump brings howitzers into congressional chambers in broad daylight and feels no remorse.

Then, interest rates were limited by law to single digits most everywhere. Today, states allow triple-digit gouging of the working poor.

Then, SAT scores defined the college admissions process. Now, colleges are dumping entrance tests altogether.

Then, churches pitted fundamentalist doctrine against a liberal social gospel. Today, believers junk theology in favor of political militias.

Then, women spent their bodies in a tireless national effort to pass an Equal Rights Amendment.

Now, many chic women mimic political exhaustion by using a makeup product that normalizes dark circles under the eyes.

America needs to be downgraded to dwarf status like Pluto.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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You can thank the democrat party for the destruction of our culture. Name just one perversion the democrats do not support


[thumbup] EXACTLY!!!!

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