To the Editor:

Our Founding Father James Madison got it wrong.

In the Federalist Papers, Madison argued that states would stop Senate and White House power grabs for numerous reasons: states had direct control over the Senate (their legislatures elected senators); the power of the federal government was only to be feared in time of war; states had more benefits and jobs to pass out than Washington did; and states had many times Washington’s potential military capacity.

Lastly, only a “degree of madness” would incline the federal government to take away state powers.

Since 1913, however, states have been prevented from controlling the Senate by the 17th Amendment. In the era of perpetual war since World War II, the size and power of the federal government has grown monstrously.

The true federal workforce, including the military, today is twice the size of the sum of all 50 state workforces. The national government has taken over much of state benefits policy-making through “pre-emption.”

Finally, that “madness” has descended upon the White House and Senate in spades.

We need to think of some new ways to curb federal power.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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