Reader says obtaining photo ID to vote not really a serious problem

To the Editor:

I have listened to all of the liberal rhetoric about how there are many people who cannot get a government-issued photo ID.

I have yet to hear the name of a real person who is eligible to vote according to the laws of Texas that is unable to vote because they cannot get a government-issued photo ID — not one. If there are people who really cannot get a government-issued photo ID, I would ask where are all of the churches and service organizations. Why are they spending their time telling the media how the requirement is bad and not working to find a solution for the few who really have an issue — one I suspect that can be solved without too much real work.

There might even be a small number that truly have no way to provide the proof the state wants to issue a photo ID. Those few would have to be worked individually to find a solution to their unique circumstance.

Everything here starts with ferreting out those who really are eligible and figuring out their individual issue(s). This is something that churches and service organizations are uniquely able to do. But sadly, many leaders of these organizations would rather stand in front of the media and rail about the requirement and never help one person with their efforts.

Hal Dudley


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The folks railing about SB7 are really promoting voter fraud, and they know it.

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