To the Editor:

Didn’t we learn the first time?

Recently President Trump and his administration along. with Gov. Abbott, have pushed for opening our schools full time and emphasizing in-person instruction.

As I recall, New York shut down the economy until the incidence of COVID-19 was low enough to open the economy. They are enjoying the return of the economy by using the best science they had at the time to delay allowing crowds of people.

Trump’s obsession with the economy led to the push to open too early the economy. Many Republican governors followed his lead, including Gov. Abbott.

Now we are at the brink of having to start all over with shutting down the economy. The impatience of our governor is now wrecking the economy as we could not get conformity for face masks and social distancing.

Now the president and our governor are pressing to send our children into schools where group behavior will lead to the next crises.

Didn’t we learn the first time that if you do not have the virus under control, any group behavior will spread the virus?

The dismissal of science is amazing. My grandchildren’s school district provides every student with a laptop. This spring teachers were not well prepared to provide challenging online learning. Not all families have Wifi capabilities.

When children can’t go to school, at least one parent stays home and can’t go to work.

Mark my word, this will go down as the second Great Depression while other countries are on the rebound.

Warren Townsend


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