YReader says strengthening immune system is best defense

To the Editor:

Every day we’re bombarded with news of the coronavirus pandemic. But what we’re not hearing about is the epidemic also running rampant.

What’s that, you ask? Fear and ignorance.

Not since Y2K have I seen such a level of the “end is near” mentality. As a result, the economy of our great country may never fully recover.

It wasn’t long ago we were all very happy to see unemployment at a low that hasn’t been seen in 50 years. Awesome!

Now it’s higher than during the Great Depression.

Stimulus checks, unemployment benefits and other Band-Aids that are supposed to help us get through this are only temporary.

Americans need to work! That’s who we are!

Kids need to be in school! Enjoying their youth while learning, socializing and learning life skills.

I’m amazed at the number of people who think that because they’re wearing some sort of mask, that they’re safe.

Most masks don’t filter well enough to do squat.

If you have a good mask, it’s probably so restrictive that if you wear it long enough, you’ll get light-headed and pass out because you can’t breathe.

Care about your health? Strengthen your immune system!

No drug is going to do a better job than your own body.

Eat well, exercise, supplement, laugh, hug and get plenty of sunshine.

Smile and stay positive.

People die. It’s a fact of life.

No more people have died from the coronavirus than die from the flu each year.

Worrying never helped anyone.

Bill Paquette


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