Reader says there is nothing fake about allegations against Trump

To the Editor:

A letter writer recently accused the Democrats of wanting to impeach Trump with fake whistle blowers and fake accusations of extortion over Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s president in July 2019.

However, Ukrainian Special Envoy Kurt Volker (Republican — now resigned) pointed to extortion. U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich (recently ousted) called it a bribe. Tom McKinley appointed by the secretary of State (Republican) equated it to extortion.

Ambassador William Taylor (now retired) and Lt. Colonel Vindman both equated the call to extortion. Ambassador Gordon Sondland (Republican) testified that Trump’s call was “improper” and “illegal” and was “quid pro quo” and “we followed the President’s orders.”

Chief-of-Staff Mulvaney (Republican) said on TV it was “quid pro quo.” Intelligence Inspector General Atkinson called the whistle blower’s report “urgent and credible.”

John Bolton (Republican), Trump’s former advisor, equated the phone call to a “drug deal,” and told Fiona Hill, Trump’s advisor, to report the call to the National Security lawyers as illegal.

Truths are neither red nor blue.

It is pure hypocrisy to call out Democrats for “fake accusations” when Trump’s “best people” (Republicans) are calling out Trump for his bribery, extortion, shake-down and total obstruction of justice.

One does not prevent people from testifying to a legal subpoena and hide documents in a super-secret computer if one is totally innocent.

It is illegal for Trump to bribe a foreign county for political favors.

An attempted bank robbery is still a crime.

Raymond Arsenault


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