To the Editor:

On Wednesday evening the charade was over. The Democrats’ plans to remove a sitting president ended after three years with a “not guilty” decision on the impeachment charges. The end proved that pure, unrestrained hate is not enough for a guilty verdict.

There is ample evidence in the form of phone calls, leaks and emails, etc. to prove that the machination started right after the 2016 election or before.

In all this time the president, should have removed every vestige of the previous administration from the White House. That would have stopped the leaks and consequently end the spurious propaganda.

Unfortunately, the opposite party’s relentless ideas to derail his presidency will continue.

Trump is the person to lead this country now and for the next 4 years! Not perfect but better than the opposition has to offer ...

The Democrats have stated that the war is not over, that they will continue to seek whatever is necessary to bring him down ... what a monumental loss of taxpayers’ money!

Pedro C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Richard North

I do feel that when ever either party starts impeachment proceedings it is political and partisan. Republicans impeached Clinton for lying to congress. Democrats Impeached Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Both Presidents where acquitted in the Senate..

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